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Teak (Tectona Grandis) from BaliHF.com
Teak, a tree native to Southeast Asia, is highly prized for its strength, durability, and long-term material stability in extreme weather conditions. These special characteristics make teak perfectly suited for outdoors use. Historically, teak has been used extensively for shipbuilding for several centuries. Even today, custom yacht and ship builders still use teak extensively because of these unique qualities.

Teak is a very hard, heavy, and strong wood with a very high natural oil content. This distinctive oil content acts as a natural preservative which makes teak highly resistant to rot, insects, termites, fungus, and moisture that will quickly damage other types of timber. As a result, teak furniture is best left in its natural state by finely sanding the surfaces to a smooth velvety finish. Over time, the wood will take on a silvery-gray color from exposure to the outdoor elements. This process could take several months, but the overall quality and durability will not be affected by this aging process. Teak
is a natural wood product, and will absorb and release moisture as weather condition changes. As the wood ages, a few small cracks and checks may occur on the wood. This is not a defect and is considered part of the normal weathering process and has no affect on the integrity of the furniture.

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